Gaming Thru Covid

Due to recent Covid-19 events, the video game industry has had its ups and downs. While the increase in new players has been at an all-time high and play base increase has brought in more cash flow to studios and companies, game releases have been at an all-time low. Covid 19 percussion has also had a negative impact on coordinating game development and release dates. The magazine “Gaming Thru Covid” works to highlight these problems through surveys, infographics, and informative articles.


“Gaming Thru Covid” consists of a survey directed to several gamer servers, two infographics, an original article, and several outsourced articles from various media outlets. After these materials were gathered, the page layout was constructed and pictures were collected to help give a visual understanding along with the text. Once all the basic information was gathered, a simple color palette and legible typeface were used to bind the content together.